I Pledge: NOT TO Drink & Drive

TBAF is the Social Aspect Organization representing member alcohol companies in Taiwan to promote responsible decision-making in the consumption or non-consumption of beverage alcohol. TBAF’s primary focus is to communicate the “don’t drink and drive” message to Taiwanese consumers and to work in partnership with relevant government agencies and other institutions to raise awareness and educate consumers on the harmful effects of alcohol misuse.

Designated Driver


A designated driver can be male or female, and is a driver who is definitely not going to drink and who can be relied on to act as a driver for a group of friends after they have all had a drink. The Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) promotes a designated driver campaign, the “Bob Campaign” which originated in Belgium in 1995, to fight the rising number of drink driving accidents in Taiwan. We initiate advertising campaigns and events in collaboration with the private sector, government, NGOs and other strategic partners to promote awareness of the designated driver concept and educate alcohol users to be responsible after drinking. TBAF will continue to fight drink driving by promoting the designated driver campaign and responsible decision making in regard to beverage alcohol.

Drink Driving Incidents Statistics

Corporate Social Responsibility