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Taipei city transport department and TBAF join forces for the ‘Don’t Drink and Drive, Designated Driver!’ campaign

To put a halt to the constant high rate of drink driving accidents and with the Chinese New Year coming up, Taipei city transport department, the department of MOTC - Road Traffic Safety Committee and TBAF have joined to promote the ‘Don’t Drink and Drive!’ message. To tackle drink driving even more effectively this year local neighbourhood watch squads have joined in the promotion campaign for an even stronger network against drink driving and to keep neighbourhoods and roads safe. This seasonal ‘Don’t Drink and Drive!’ and the ‘designated driver’ promotion campaign has invited the former Da-An District head of neighbourhood, entertainer Fu Juan, and her daughter OuYang Didi to chair the campaign promotion. As a head of neighbourhood, and as a mother, Fu Juan emphasised the importance of maintaining road safety for all city residents, especially for families with children, for whom it is a great worry. Fu Juan called on all city residents to take road safety seriously, and use a designated driver after drinking. Present at the press conference will be members of the Da-An District Chin Hua and An Dong areas local neighbourhood watch squads which have been recruited this year by Taipei city transport department head Lin Tse-Ying to join in keeping drink driving out of neighbouthoods.

2011 Designated Driver TV Ad- "Even a firm and solid car cannot compare to a conscious driver."

The 30 second advert will run from December to February on TV channels nationwide & the Internet. It will also air in 37 movie theatres from December 16th 2011 to January 29th 2012 in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung.


2011 Poster Ad- "Even a firm and solid car cannot compare to a conscious driver."

All-new ad posters will be placed in car park entrances, bus panels, bus stops, and magazines.

What is "Designated Driver"?

A designated driver can be male or female, and is a driver who is definitely not going to drink and who can be relied on to act as a driver for a group of friends after they have all had a drink. The Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) promotes a designated driver campaign, the “Bob Campaign” which originated in Belgium in 1995, to fight the rising number of drink driving accidents in Taiwan. We initiate advertising campaigns and events in collaboration with the private sector, government, NGOs and other strategic partners to promote awareness of the designated driver concept and educate alcohol users to be responsible after drinking. TBAF will continue to fight drink driving by promoting the designated driver campaign and responsible decision making in regard to beverage alcohol.


Designated Driver Campaign Ambassadors

2007 春節期間 楊佑寧 酒後不開車 指定駕駛記者會
2008 春節期間 VIP 周錫瑋 酒後不開車 指定駕駛記者會


2007 春節前 大嫂團 Vicky 酒後不開車 指定駕駛記者會
2009 春節期間 Makiyo 酒後不開車 指定駕駛記者會


2009 海洋音樂祭 錢帥君 酒後不開車,找指定駕駛安全回家
2010 春節期間 張安琪 酒後不開車 指定駕駛記者會


2010 海洋音樂祭 巧克力 酒後不開車,找指定駕駛安全回家
2011 春節期間 資工彌 & 工工花 酒後不開車 指定駕駛才行記者會


2011 海洋音樂祭 小蠻(王婧喬) 提倡酒後不開車,找指定駕駛才行



"Only the Designated Driver is the highest standard equipment in safety of a vehicle."

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