Makiyo Attended TBAF's Responsible Drinking Event in January 2009

Designated Driver drinks only non-alcohol drink and drives friends home safely.

Famous actress Makiyo is TBAF's advocate for the Designated Driver Campaign in 2009. Makiyo promoted the importance of being a designated driver at the press conference on January 15th, 2009. Makiyo said that her best friend would be the designated driver when they go out to a party. However, if there is no one who can be the designated driver for the night, then she will call a taxi for everyone to go home safely.

To encourage consumers to be designated drivers, we created incentives for them at the evening event on January 15th. Makiyo took a snapshot photo with people volunteering as designated drivers; gave away 7-11 icash cards and this reinforced the importance of being sober behind the wheel. All the designated drivers received a special alcohol-free drink from Makiyo in support of their decision on responsible drinking.

Makiyo gave an alcohol test to a consumer at the Luxy on January 15th.

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