Designated Driver Campaign During Chinese New Year

With only 34% of people knowing the definition of “Designated Driver”, TBAF needed to reach out to a larger section of the drinking population to make more people understand that the designated driver is a sober person who will drive the rest of the group home safely after a night out. The organization cooperated with the Transport Department of Taoyuan County Government in January 2009 to promote the “Designated Driver” via a press conference, nationwide consumer events and advertising. A specially-produced 30” TV commercial launched at the annual press conference in resulted several news items aired on TV and in the newspapers the next day. The designated driver advertisement was launched on bus panels, bus stops, magazines, television and by cool card distribution in bars, restaurants and entertainment venues nationwide. A popular iCash card with the new ad was available at locations such as bars and KTVs nationwide before Chinese New Year. The press conference, advertising campaign and consumer event were integrated to communicate the designated driver concept to the general public.

A1 type drink driving casualties declined by 76 people or 15.2% in 2008 compared to the previous year according to the latest report issued by the National Police Agency. Executing frequent road checks nationwide may have deterred some people from driving under the influence of alcohol by severe penalties or loss of their driver's license. TBAF aimed to reduce drink driving casualties by introducing the designated driver as a solution for alcohol consumers when they go out for the night. At the same time, we educate the consumer to be responsible about drinking and driving through consumer events at bars and restaurants. To decrease the number of drink driving incidents, effort is required to educate people to be aware of the risk involved when they drink & drive. Drink driving can hurt you, your family and innocent people on the road, moreover, you may end up in prison.

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