Hohaiyan Kung-Liao Rock Festival 2009

Rock & roll with designated drivers at the Kung-Liao Foolung Beach

The most popular musical event for Taiwan teenagers of all ages, Hohaiyan Rock Festival, will run from July 10th to 12th, 2009 at Foolung beach. The three-day event has invited pop song singer Stanley Huang (黃力行) to perform on first day, with another 127 music bands on the second day and Amei (張惠妹)rocking out the last day. Besides rock & roll、beer and hot chic at the beach, TBAF will provide an Electric Maze game that tests players to see if they can make home by themselves or need a designated driver to get home safely. Designated drivers can win one famous Foolung lunch box and an ice cold non-alcoholic beverage. Would you like to join designated driver road safety test? Come to join us at Hohaiyan Rock Festival. Please note if you have been drinking、are easily nervous or have shaky hands, then you may not get through the game!

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