Thailand: Global liquor makers fight graphic labels

Author: P. Barta; C. Passariello
Citation: Wall Street Journal website, 17 September 2010
Under a new government proposal, domestic and foreign alcohol producers would be required to place graphic warning labels covering 30% of bottles surface area on their products. The visual and text admonitions about the risks associated with drinking feature scenarios such as a shirtless man raising his fist to a woman and a pair of feet dangling in the air after an apparent suicide. The labels "are the most extreme we've ever seen," says Brett Bivans, vice president of the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP). One government committee has approved the plan and approval by a second committee would put the measure into effect. At a World Trade Organization (WTO) committee meeting in March, officials from the U.S., the European Union, Argentina, Australia, and several other countries raised concerns that the labels would suggest moderate drinking is dangerous and argued that the labels would create unnecessary obstacles to trade because foreign companies would be required to make different packaging for Thailand.

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