Designated Driver at Kungliao Music Festival 2011

Kungliao Music Festival is a continue event for twelve years at Fulung Bearch. Most young people enjoy few beers while listen to the music at beach with friends during the day. However, they forget to avoid driving a motorbike or automobile after few drinks. Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) in cooperated with New Taipei City government promoting don’t drink and drive at 5-day event. The purpose is to educate young people be responsible not to drive if they have been drinking. Tatoo print and non-alcohol drinks will give to people who participate the interactive game hosted by TBAF.

Please take public transportation after drinking to avoid injury of yourselves and others. The detail of the public transportation is as following: http://new.twtraffic.com.tw/twrail/index.aspx

Corporate Social Responsibility