Who will be the winner of Kungliao Music Festival 2011?

Ten nominated groups will be on the stage competing for the champion of Kungliao Music Festival on Saturday, 9th of July. These ten groups are SE band, SLIMO band, Wave Light band, Woody Woody, Din Din & Si Si, Toffee band, Chen Yi-Yiao & Chen Li Band, Wild Thing, Tsao Cheng-Hao & Joy Band, Tuan-Mi-Tuan band. The winner will have the opportunity to perform at a famous music event in China and other countries promoting music from Taiwan. The New Taipei City Government is planning to invite the previous winners of Kungliao Music Festival such as Lu Kung-zun and Soda Green participating in this year. Designated Driver advocator will be here expecting all music lovers at the Ocean Blue Boulevard, Fulung Beach from 6th to 10th July.

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