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Taiwan's first 'Politaxi Car' launched

Grand debut of Taiwan's first "Politaxi Car" to be launched on 7 December and on display for 3 months.
New Taipei City Government and Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum to advocate the concept of "When drinking, no driving and use designated drivers".
New Taipei City Deputy Mayor Lee Si-chuan and Traffic Police Corps policewoman to deliver the message of responsible drinking.

Designated Driver POLITAXI CAR Press Conference

(New Taipei City) With the upcoming year-end celebrations and Lunar New Year festivities, we are again facing the peak season of potential drink driving incidents. In light of this, the New Taipei City government and the Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) will take the opportunity to advocate the concept of “When drinking, no driving and use designated driver”. The first-ever “Politaxi Car” in Taiwan will be presented, based on a creative promotional idea from Europe combining a police car and a taxi, which sends the message that “if you go out and have a few drinks, having a designated driver is the safe way.” This Politaxi Car will be displayed at the corner of XinFu Road(新府路) and XianMin Avenue(縣民大道)(at the Banqiao Bus Terminal, south of MRT Banqiao Station, Exit 1) between 7 December 2012 and 28 February 2013. The exhibition aims to highlight the importance of responsible drinking behavior and reduce traffic accidents caused by drink driving.

New Taipei City Deputy Mayor Mr. Lee Si-chuan (李四川), executive secretary Mr. Hsieh Chao-yi (謝潮儀) from MOTC’s Road Traffic Safety Commission (NRTSC), and TBAF Chairman Mr. Tim PAECH will launch the exhibition at a joint press conference on 6 December. To compliment the promotional concept “Politaxi Car: when under influence of alcohol, do you prefer the taxi or police car?” the organizers have invited policewoman Chang Hui-tsu (張惠慈) from the New Taipei City Traffic Police Corps to serve as a special ambassador and join the launch of the Politaxi Car. All parties will pledge to support the policy “When drinking, no driving and use designated driver”.

Designated Driver POLITAXI CAR Press Conference

NRTSC’s executive secretary Mr. Hsieh Chao-yi (謝潮儀) pointed out that, “between January and September this year there have been 1,460 Type A1 traffic accidents, 11 accidents less than the same period last year. Although the total number of accidents has decreased, the main reason for accidents is still driving under the influence. This year there have been more shocking cases of drink driving, which prompted the Judicial Yuan to approve the drafted revision of certain articles of the criminal code related to driving under the influence. In the future, causing fatalities by drink driving can be subject to a maximum penalty of ten-year’s imprisonment. It is hoped that by increasing the penalty on drink driving, it will deter such behavior”.

New Taipei City deputy mayor Mr. Lee Si-chuan strongly supports responsible drinking and the Politaxi Car promotional activity. He said: “Promoting a culture of “When drinking, no driving and use designated driver” is one of our most important policies. We hope the Politaxi Car, a great promotional idea brought to Taiwan by TBAF, will attract the attention of the general public and in the future, whoever drives after drinking will think of this Politaxi Car, and quickly stop such irresponsible conduct. In addition to it’s support for the Politaxi Car, the New Taipei City Government will increase its enforcement of the regulations regarding driving under influence during the peak season. Special attention will be given to those roads that have higher accident rates, for example, Fuzhou Bridge in Banqiao District(板橋浮洲橋), Huanhe Road(環河路), Jingping Road in Zhonghe District(中和景平路), Xinshu Road in Xinzhuang District(新莊新樹路), and Wanli Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 2 (萬里台二線). More specifically, 842 “hot spots” will be under stringent surveillance and 384 neighboring spots will be listed as drink driving “hot areas”. All these measures aim to effectively decrease traffic accidents caused by drink driving so that residents in New Taipei City will enjoy a secure and happy new year.

Designated Driver POLITAXI CAR Press Conference

TBAF Chairman Mr. Tim PAECH said: “We would like to thank the New Taipei City Government for its strong support of our activities. Last year, it took the lead and became the first in Taiwan to introduce the obligatory measure that drivers watch a promotional film on “When drinking, no driving and use designated driver” at the Motor Vehicle Bureau before they pick up their new driver’s license or attend a road safety lecture. This measure certainly helps to instill the “designated driver” concept with those new drivers. This year, we decided to follow the successful example in Europe and introduce the Politaxi Car to Taiwan. The strong creative visual effect will surely leave a deep impression on viewers and increase their awareness on responsible drinking. In addition, based on the success of last year’s promotional stickers on the prevention of drink driving, this year TBAF will provide 75,000 stickers to be distributed by all local-level police bureaus (including Kimmen and Matzu) at restaurants, KTVs, pubs and other venues where alcoholic beverages are served. Through these programs, TBAF continues to advocate responsible and healthy drinking behaviors, as well as assisting the government to promote road safety policies.

Promotional ambassador of “When drinking, no driving and use designated driver” Policewoman Chang Huitsu expressed: “It is indeed a great honor for me to serve as the ambassador to promote the concept of designated driver. I hope that through my work as a traffic police officer, I can influence more people and help them recognize the important concept of responsible drinking. I am sowing these seeds to reach more drivers. Hopefully very soon it will become common practice that ‘When drinking, no driving and use designated driver.” Ms. Chang further elaborated: “When I am on duty, many drivers who take the sobriety test of alcohol concentration and are detected to have consumed alcoholvery often insist that they are not drunk and have high confidence that their driving capability is not affected by alcohol. This is very wrong as it takes time for alcohol to have its full effect. One cannot possibly judge which amount of alcohol intake is safe and which is not. Our society cannot afford to take any ‘what if’ risks, so all drivers should have the good habit of responsible drinking—to be a good driver, as long as you will drive, you should stay away from alcohol.”

RTSC, MOTC and Police Department, MOI assisted TBAF in dispatching 85000pcs.
“Designated Driver” stickers to restaurants, KTVs, bars and Taxi for posting


The Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of responsible drinking and the prevention of inappropriate drinking behaviors. It was established in October 2000 by several European and American alcohol companies and media groups, with primary focus on promoting a responsible and healthy drinking culture as its long-term goal. For more information, please refer to the TBAF website (www.tbaf.org.tw).

 “When drinking, no driving, and use designated drivers”— designated drivers could be either men or women. The only criteria is that the designated driver should not drink. To put it simply, at a social gathering, before everyone starts to drink, a designated driver must be selected. Entrusted with the responsibility of driving people home, the designated driver should not drink that evening.

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