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Drink driving incidents rose in Chinese New Year City government and TBAF launching Anti D&D campaign.

【January 16, Taipei】At this time of the year, Chinese year end party and spring time gathering are the conventional events in Taiwan and people intend to drink alcoholic beverage. Most people understand driving under the influence of alcohol associated with high risk of car incidents and choose to take taxi or bus to go home. However, minorities take chance and get behind the wheel after drinking. Drunk driving incidents and casualties have risen to a higher ratio compare to rest months of the year, according to the local authority. In Taipei alone, we had reported 1965 drink driving cases in January and 1356 cases in February year 2005. At the same period of time, 2 fatal car crashed and caused 4 death reported was caused by drunk driving. To lower the drink driving incidents, Taipei City Policy Department announced to increase the number and frequency of Blood Alcohol Concentration road-side checks started on Friday, January 13th.

Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) first task is to combat drink-driving in result to reduce the number of incidents. The most effective way is long-term education in responsible drinking. We have been promoting on the anti drink driving campaign with Taipei city government for five continuously years. On January 16th, TBAF is official launched the anti drink-driving campaign nationwide. We are not only incorporating with Taipei city government but also expended to include Taichiung and Kaohsiung city promoting don’t drink & drive and more important we are working together to lower the number of car accidents related to alcohol. The campaign is integrated various media of poster, bus stop, bus panel and a 30” TVC broadcasting at bus, MRT and nationwide TV stations. We hope to raise awareness about don’t drink & drive, and by doing so, we save lives.

We are pleased to have Automobile Safety Association of the ROC and ICRT participating in today’s event and support this campaign. For more information of TBAF, please visit our web site: www.tbaf.org.tw

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