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"Designated Driver" rock & roll at Hohaiyan Festival- A famous model Ava Chien (錢帥君) promoted drink but don't drive at the event

【Taipei County News】The age group of people involved in drink & driving incidents has become progressively younger in recent years, so to reach this age group, the Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) promoted a “Designated Driver” promotion with Taipei County Government at the Hohaiyan Music Festival this summer. A “Designated Driver” electronic maze game designed to test if people are safe to drive home by themselves or need to appoint a designated driver; was featured in this 3-day event. Ava Chien (錢帥君), a famous model, acted as a female traffic cop on duty at the site to promote the designated driver concept to the youth audience.

According to the Police Department of Taipei County, in a comparison of the number of traffic incidents, from year 2008 to year 2009, drink-driving incidents have remained the top three traffic casualties every month in 2009. To lower the number of drink driving incidents, Taipei County government arranged numerous roadside check up spots, four times a month, covering major roads in county area. The county government also worked with Taipei City government on alcohol breathalyzer roadside check ups twice a month, plus a 3-day anti-drink driving law enforcement every month.

In addition, Taipei County government also co-operated with Ginchiun Children Safe Organization、Colleges、Taipei Motor Vehicle Supervision Office、Police Department、Social Welfare Department、Education Department、Information Department and Traffic Department to educate the general public not to drink & drive.

Law enforcement is one way to set a “don’t drink and drive” policy straight and it may stop people from doing so. However, to arrange a fun event promoting “don’t drink and drive” is a brilliant way for a youth audience to receive the message. TBAF and the county government are cooperating again to promote the “Designated Driver” campaign at the Hohaiyan Rock Festival this year. The main idea of event is to communicate not to drive after drinking and build up the concept of a designated driver among friends before drinking.

At the event, Ava Chien acted as a female cop and checked revelers in the crowd with a breathalyzer. Anyone who passed the alcohol breath test and electronic maze game can win a Foolung lunch box and a Schweppes non-alcoholic sparkling beverage. The event ran from July 10th to July 12th 16:00pm and we thank all the rock & roll fans who joined the event and acted as designated drivers for their friends-- because you can safe guard your friends only if you are sober.


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