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New Preventative Measures Against Drink Driving Start from February 1st on Roads Islandwide!

The MOTC Road Safety Committee and Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum promote the 'Designated Driver' concept

Vice-mayor of New Taipei City Hou You-yi announces a trial to lower the drink driving incidence. Also announces Zi Gong Ni and Gong Gong Hua as ambassadors for the campaign.

(New Taipei City) In an effort to lower the constant levels of drink driving accidents, the 'don’t drink and drive - designate a driver!' concept which has been promoted for years now, is to be made an islandwide initiative from February 1st. This development was achieved through the joint effort of the MOTC Road Safety Committee and the Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF). From February 1st whenever people get their driving license for motorbike, or motor vehicle, from the driving authorities, or when they attend road safety lectures, they will be watched the 'don’t drink and drive - designate a driver!' concept video. This will not only spread the concept to every new driver, but also re-enforce the concept with other drivers and hopefully, lead to a lowering of drink driving accidents.

To promote this new measure: 'don’t drink and driven - designate a driver!' concept the secretary general of the MOTC Road Safety Committee will be present at the press conference, as will the Director of the Motor Vehicles Office, Chang Chao-yang; vice-mayor of New Taipei City, Hou You-yi; and TBAF Chairman, James Lau. To appeal to a younger age-group, and get the message through to them, two of National Taiwan University’s  'Famous Five Girls', Zi Gong Ni and Gong Gong Hua, will act as ambassadors for the campaign.

Zi Gong Ni and Gong Gong Hua as ambassadors for the campaign

The secretary general of the MOTC Road Safety Committee, Hsieh Chao-Yi, said that, "drink drive incidents have stayed at a continuous level throughout the island. Taking last year, 2010 as an example, 419 people died in drink driving accidents and 154 people were injured. Although compared to the last five year in average, from 2005-2009, when 583 people died and 246 were injured, there has been a drop, you have to remember that behind each case there is a broken family. To effectively regulate road safety and lower the incidence of drink driving accidents, we worked with all the Motor Vehicles Offices around the island to incorporate the anti-drink driving message into the process for obtaining a license; and into road safety lectures. This will maximize the number of drivers coming into contact with the message and help establish a responsible attitude towards drinking."

New Taipei City will implement a trial period for the new initiative, in an effort to push for responsible attitudes to drinking. The new vice mayor Hou You-yi said, "New Taipei City has the largest number of motorbike and motor vehicle registrations of any city or county in Taiwan, and issues the largest number of new drivers' licenses every year, so we have a great responsibility to promote the 'anti-drink drive and designated driver' message. Apart from the soft, educative approach to tackling the problem; during the Chinese New Year Period which is a peak for drink driving offences, we will be seeking cooperation from the police in stopping drivers at locations and times where they may be in violation of the law and we hope through a combination of both this hard and soft approach to reduce the number of drink-driving accidents, giving our citizens a safer traffic environment."

The TBAF chair, Liu Zhi-Gang thanked the MOTC Road Safety Committee for its cooperation in promoting the 2011 'dont drink and drive, designate a driver!' initiative through Motor Vehicle Offices islandwide. The TBAF have made a video aimed at drivers, showing the importance of having a designated driver. It shows the chilling statistics of drink driving deaths and injuries over recent years, underlining the importance of designating a driver. It also explains in detail how wrong some of the mistaken myths drink-drivers persist in, really are.
To re-enforce the image, the TBAF is accompanying the campaign with specially-designed reflective stickers, which will be given away to those who watch the video.

This year TBAF is making a special effort to reach students with the responsible drinking message, especially the motorbike riders, hoping that they get the message early and stick with it.

Invited to act as ambassadors for the 'dont drink and drive--designate a driver!' campaign, Zi Gong Ni and Gong Gong Hua shared their experiences; saying that a designated driver isn't just for car drivers, but motorbike riders should also have a designated driver. They reminded friends online not to take risks for one-time thrills and encouraged guys to consider acting as the designated driver for their girlfriends once in a while.

The TBAF is a charitable foundation established to promote the concept and practice of responsible drinking. It was set up in 2000 by European and American beverage companies together with media companies to promote responsible drinking. The organization’s members believe that a sensible and responsible attitude to drink is a healthy one. For more information about the company, please see www.tbaf.org.tw
A designated driver can be of either gender, the only requirement is not to drink. A group of friends can establish among themselves who will be the designated driver before they go out for the night and that person will see the others safely home.


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