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Prevent Festive season drink driving accidents! Taipei City local volunteer neighbourhood watch squads help promotion!

Taipei city transport department and TBAF join forces for the ‘Don’t Drink and Drive, Designated Driver!’ campaign
Transport dept head Lin Tse-Ying presents the Anti-Drink Driving Badge to Fu Juan and local neighbourhood watch squads for the campaign!

To put a halt to the constant high rate of drink driving accidents and with the Chinese New Year coming up, Taipei city transport department, the department of MOTC - Road Traffic Safety Committee and TBAF have joined to promote the ‘Don’t Drink and Drive!’ message. To tackle drink driving even more effectively this year local neighbourhood watch squads have joined in the promotion campaign for an even stronger network against drink driving and to keep neighbourhoods and roads safe.

This seasonal ‘Don’t Drink and Drive!’ and the ‘designated driver’ promotion campaign has invited the former Da-An District head of neighbourhood, entertainer Fu Juan, and her daughter OuYang Didi to chair the campaign promotion. As a head of neighbourhood, and as a mother, Fu Juan emphasised the importance of maintaining road safety for all city residents, especially for families with children, for whom it is a great worry. Fu Juan called on all city residents to take road safety seriously, and use a designated driver after drinking. Present at the press conference will be members of the Da-An District Chin Hua and An Dong areas local neighbourhood watch squads which have been recruited this year by Taipei city transport department head Lin Tse-Ying to join in keeping drink driving out of neighbouthoods.


Taipei city transport department head Lin Tse-Ying said ‘This year in Taipei city from January to October, 16 people died in drink driving accidents, up 6 deaths from same period last year. The period from August to October was particularly bad, with 9 deaths, 3 of which happened during the day. Due to this we are implementing preventative measures, including requesting each local police station to dispatch officers at least 8 times a month to areas and roads where there have been a previous record of drink driving incidents. In addition, in collaboration with the TBAF, we are mounting an advertising campaign including both Chinese and English broadcasting in radio, TVC in movie theaters, magazines, and outdoor posters to strengthen the preventative message. For the first time we have invited the neighbouthood watch squads to join in, starting from the Da-An District, Chin Hua and An Dong areas. In the future we hope that the neighbourhood watch in all administrative areas will join in the campaign so we are using as many different avenues of promotion as possible to lower the rate of drink driving incidents and give our citizens a safe transport environment.

Michael Cottingham, chairman of the TBAF, said: We are continuing our ‘Don’t Drink and Drive! Designated driver’ campaign to reduce the number of incidents and to promote the concept of a designated driver, and so we have produced a 30 second advert which will run from December to February on TV channels nationwide & the Internet. It will also air in 37 movie theatres from December 16 to 29 in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. In addition, all-new ad posters will be placed in car park entrances, bus panels, bus stops, and magazines. There will also be radio ads on the Police Radio network and ICRT. I believe that with imaginative advertising in various media, the ‘Don’t Drink and Drive! Designated driver’ message will be reinforced to the public.

Cottingham also noted that in an effort to promote responsible attitudes to drinking and prevent inappropriate use of alcohol, the Taipei city transport department, the Road Traffic Safety Committee and TBAF and both import and local alcohol manufacturers were adding a new Anti-drink driving promotion logo to the national health logo already carried in alcohol adverts. He said, ‘we are also exhorting venues where alcohol is sold to come on board the campaign by putting up the new promotional logo, sponsoring roadside ads and as commercial alcohol vendors to be responsible to society in assisting the TBAF with the message of a responsible and a healthy drink culture and the government in putting in place a safe transport policy.’

The TBAF is a charitable foundation established to promote the concept and practise of responsible drinking. It was set up in 2000 by European and American beverage companies together with media companies to promote responsible drinking. The organisation’s members believe that a sensible and responsible attitude to drink is a healthy one. For more information about the company, please see www.tbaf.org.tw A designated driver can be of either gender, the only requirement is not to drink. A group of friends can establish among themselves who will be the designated driver before they go out for the night and that person will see the others safely home.


A designated driver can be of either gender, the only requirement is not to drink. A group of friends can establish among themselves who will be the designated driver before they go out for the night and that person will see the others safely home.





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