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Alcohol industry launches a self-regulating Marketing Code of Conduct

Alcohol industry launches a self-regulating Marketing Code of Conduct.
Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum member companies and the largest domestic alcohol company join forces to promote self-regulation for alcohol marketing communications

The Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) has taken the initiative to establish a self-regulating Marketing Code of Conduct for the alcoholic beverage industry in Taiwan. To strengthen its commitment to promote responsible drinking and responsible marketing and selling of alcoholic products, TBAF has invited international and domestic alcohol companies to jointly commit to a local Marketing Code of Conduct. The code has been developed on the basis of the industry marketing code formulated by the European Forum of Responsible Drinking. TBAF’s Marketing Code of Conduct will serve as the guideline for marketing and communication activities by the alcohol industry in Taiwan, giving specific directions on how to reduce the misuse of alcohol, including preventing alcohol consumption by minors and pregnant women, among others.

During the Marketing Code of Conduct signing day press conference on 18 June, 11members of the TBAF[note], as well as Taiwan Tobaccoand Liquor Company (TTL), jointly signed the Marketing Code of Conduct in support of this important initiative. Executive Secretary of the Road Traffic SafetyCommitteeMr. Chao-yi Hsieh also attended and witnessed the signing ceremony, and accepted the signed Marketing Code of Conduct from TBAFChairman Mr. Tim PAECH. Mr. Hsieh said that he was very impressed with the TBAF's initiative and the alcoholic beverage industry’s voluntary efforts in promoting self-regulating measures.

TBAFchairman Mr. PAECHsaid," TBAF believes that responsible alcoholicbeverage companieshave a beneficial relationship with society as a whole, so two years ago we started to work with our members to develop appropriate self-regulating standards foralcohol commercial communicationsin Taiwan. The marketing standards require that alcohol companies market their products with a responsible approach that is compliant with Taiwan's laws and regulations and ensure that companies do not employ irresponsible marketing communications,in any form, which may encourage the misuse of alcohol."

Mr. PAECHadded, "The Marketing Code of Conduct applies to all brand advertisements and marketing communicationstargeted at consumers, no matter what type of media channel,consumer groupor retail environment. The Marketing Code of Conduct reflectsTBAFmember concernsby requiring that all alcohol marketing communications, including placement and content,should not be directedatunderage consumers or pregnant women; advertisers should not relay any message that alcohol is a necessary element for successfully socializing or that being drunk is acceptable behavior. Similarly, advertisementsshould avoid showing operating equipment or machinery or driving while or after drinking, to enforce the fact that this is unacceptable behavior. We believe that, with the collective support of TBAF membercompanies, as well as TTL,thisMarketing Code of Conduct will be extremely influential and meaningful.”

【Note】TBAF member companies included: ABInBev, Brown-Forman, Carlsberg Cottingham, Diageo, Edrington Taiwan, Heineken, Kirin, Moët-Hennessy Taiwan, Pernod Ricard Taiwan, Rémy Cointreau, William Grant & Sons

TBAF is a not-for-profit foundation established to promote the concept and practice of responsible drinking. It was set up in 2000 by European and American beverage companies, together with media companies, to promote responsible drinking. The organization’s members believe that a sensible and responsible attitude to alcohol is a healthy one. For more information about the company, please see www.tbaf.org.tw











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