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The “No Drink Driving, A Loving School-Parent Communication Book” program

Attract 6th-graders in four municipalities to join the“No Drink Driving, A Loving School-Parent Communication Book” program. MOTC and TBAF wish to engender a culture of “responsible drinking”

SBL players will serve as ambassadors, joined by model mom Chuan Fu (傅娟) to promote “no drink driving” and “no under-age drinking”.

In an effort to advocate responsible drinking habits, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), in collaboration with the Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF), will launch a program called “No Drink Driving, A Loving School-Parent Communication Book”, targeting 140,000 sixth-graders in nearly 900 public and private elementary schools in the Greater Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung Area. These school children will become “little instructors” to educate their parents about “Zero Tolerance for Drink Driving” and the imperative of having a designated driver should the circumstances require. Moreover, the students will learn to respect the regulations regarding drinking restrictions for minors.

To draw more attention to this program, SBL baseball players Huang Chia-ming(黃家明), Wang Chien-wei(王建惟), Pan Jen-te(潘仁德) and Lai Kuo-wei(賴國維) have been invited to serve as ambassadors to promote a “no drink-driving” culture. Model mom Chuan Fu(傅娟) will join us to inaugurate the program, together with the executive secretary Mr. Hsieh Chao-yi (謝潮儀) from MOTC’s Road Traffic Safety Commission (RTSC), Chairman Mr. Tim PAECH of TBAF, Taipei City Education Department, and 10 sixth-grade students from Xin-yi (信義) Elementary School.

“No Drink Driving, A Loving School-Parent Communication Book” program is carried out through the “School-Parent Communication Book” used in elementary schools as a means of communication between teachers and parents. Promotional messages relating to “no drink driving” are conveyed, making both the sixth-graders and their parents understand the concept of “responsible drinking”. Awards such as the newest model lap-top computers and smart phones are offered as incentives to attract enthusiastic participation from students, who simply have to sign a letter of consent on promotional activities and hand it to their teachers. Each elementary school will then collect these letters of consent and send them to the organizers. The program will last 1 month, from 12 October till 15 November, and is limited to those sixth-graders who have received the “No Drink Driving, A Loving School-Parent Communication Book”.

The executive secretary of RTSC, Ms. Hsieh Chao-yi (謝潮儀) pointed out that, “In the last several months, many tragic incidents of drink driving took place, for example, the notorious case of a spoiled 23-year-old young man, Yeh Kuan-heng (葉冠亨), who killed two people and destroyed one family last April. Sadly, each year, about 500 such cases occur in Taiwan, which is attributed to the lack of knowledge and understanding about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol.  Therefore, apart from increasing the penal and monetary penalty on drink driving, we also need to educate the general public. MOTC strongly supports TBAF’s project in promoting a culture of “zero tolerance for drink-driving”—instilling our next generation with the concept of “responsible drinking”—so that we can create and ensure a safe traffic environment.”

TBAF Chairman Mr. Tim PAECH noted that, “Drink driving has been a long-term problem that must not be taken lightly. Since 2006, TBAF has launched many activities—partnered with many local governments—to advocate the prevention of drink driving and the importance of designated drivers. In addition, TBAF has gathered support from local and international alcoholic beverage companies and media groups to pursue this noble cause through advertising and various events. Special attention has been given to minors. This is why we decided to launch this program of ‘No Drink Driving, A Loving School-Parent Communication Book’, so that each student can play a part in educating his/her parents or grandparents to be a responsible drinker and the importance of a designated driver. In turn, children will also learn about appropriate and responsible drinking behaviors. This will help the government’s implementation of traffic safety and the policy of “no under-age drinking.”

Model momChuan Fu will share her experiences on how she resisted the temptation of drinking when she was in elementary and junior high schools, urging both parents and school children to act responsibily and abide by the regulations on “no drink driving” and “no under-age drinking”. Meanwhile, Ms. Fu will talk about some tragic incidents of drink-driving amongst her friends and acquaintances to draw attention to the serious risk of drink driving. Lastly, Ms. Fu will work with the 10 sixth-graders as “little instructors” for the “No Drink Driving, A Loving School-Parent Communication Book” program, spreading the concept of “zero tolerance for drink driving, not even after one sip of alchohol”.

The Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of responsible drinking and the prevention of inappropriate drinking behaviors. It was established in October 2000 by several European and American alcohol companies and media groups, with primary focus on promoting a responsible and healthy drinking culture. For more information, please check the TBAF website (www.tbaf.org.tw).

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