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Drink-driving traffic accidents have decreased 70% in Tainan City

In order to prevent drink-driving accidents during end-of-year peak drinking season, Tainan City Government and the Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) join hands to promote “when drinking, no driving/riding, and use designated driver”.

Promotional buses will be on the road.

Policewomen and bus drivers will serve as advocacy ambassadors to urge the general public to use Tainan City bus as their designated driver. 

(Tainan) According to the latest statistics, between January and October 2014, drink-driving Type A traffic accidents in Tainan City have decreased by 70%, compared with the same period of last year; the cases of death and casualties have also dropped more than 60%. In light of the upcoming year-end peak drinking season, the Tainan City Government and the Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) are working together to promote the concept of “when drinking, no driving/riding, and use designated driver”. This campaign also incorporates the Tainan Transportation Bureau’s “bus rapid transport systematization” policy and the “8-kilometer free bus ride” incentives. Starting from 10 December, new promotional advertisements will be displayed on the exterior of Tainan city buses, with the slogan of “Make a right choice, and get the right ending”. Meanwhile, new promotional video clips will be broadcast on all major TV channels, the internet and movie theaters around the country. These short films, targeting the young people and conveying messages of appropriate drinking behavior, are made with a creative black humor angle. The goal is to effectively reduce traffic accidents caused by drink driving/riding.


At the press conference, Director-General of Tainan City Transportation Bureau Mr. Cheng-yuan CHANG (張政源), MOTC’s Road Traffic Safety Commission (RTSC) executive officer Mr. Tai-sheng HSU (徐台生), TBAF Chairman Mr. Peter HUIZING (何品濤), policewomen from Tainan City Traffic Police Corps, as well as bus driver from Tainan Bus Company (府城客運) will all be present. Together they will join the campaign of “when drinking, no driving/riding, and use designated driver”.


RTSC executive officer Mr. Tai-sheng HSU (徐台生) pointed out that: “Nationwide, between January and October this year, there have been 134 cases of ‘loss of control’ caused by drink driving, with 139 deaths, 64 less than the same period of last year, a 31.53% decrease; 99,756 cases of violations of drink driving, among which 58,009 cases have been brought to justice. In Tainan City alone, numbers of death caused by drink driving are 8 persons, the second largest decrease in the country. Although nationwide the total cases of traffic accidents caused by drink driving and the resulting death tolls have decreased, there is still a high percentage of accidents caused by drink riding motorcyclists (59%)—79 cases and 79 deaths (57% of total deaths). This indicates that motorcyclists still account for the highest percentage of drink-driving traffic accidents and highest death toll. Therefore, we hope that through the cooperation with local governments, we can continue to educate the general public about eradicating the customs of ‘forcing people to drink’, and putting into practice the concepts of ‘use designated driver’ and ‘take public transport or taxi home’.”


Director-General of Tainan City Transportation Bureau Mr. Cheng-yuan CHANG (張政源) pointed out that: “The Tainan City Government attaches great importance to curbing drink-driving and protecting the safety of road users. There have been 4 cases of drink-driving Type A traffic accidents in Tainan City between January and October this year, with 6 deaths and 2 injured, a dramatic decrease from the same period of last year. However, in order to engender a zero drink-driving traffic environment, we have mobilized all district police stations to strengthen the enforcement. Yet most importantly, the public has to establish a right concept of ‘when drinking, no driving/riding, and use designated driver’. The successful advocacy of “designated driver” also depends on sound and convenient mass transport system. Now we are pushing for the “bus rapid transport systematization” policy. Our goal is to connect all the bus lines between the mountain routes and sea routes, so that every district would be accessible by bus. Moreover, we also offer preferential rate for bus tickets, so as to encourage people to take buses more often. If more people would use the bus as their designated driver to take them home after they drink, it will not only ensure road safety for the drinker and others, but also help lower the carbon emission and save money.”

At the press conference, TBAF chairman Mr. HUIZING will introduce some new advertisements, highlighting “For a long time, TBAF and alcohol beverage companies have paid great attention to the issue of drink driving. It is our objective to promote a responsible drinking culture. Each year, we work with the local governments, advertising agencies and the media to communicate with the consumers nationwide. This year our target group for the ‘use designated driver/rider’ campaign, as part of the road safety promotion action plan, is young motorcyclists between the ages 18 to 30. We have chosen ‘Your choice’ print ads, and ‘Lucky guy’ Internet TV ads, and ‘Your choice’ TV ads, using the same black humor style. These ads all use the lifestyles of young people as basic concepts, with creative presentation, they draw attention to the importance of using designated driver/rider through the theme “Make a right choice, and get the right ending”. At the same time, TBAF has come up with a new promotional icon, replacing the old-fashioned ‘responsible drinking’ slogan images. We want to show the young people that responsible drinking is a cool, good attitude and behavior.”


Chairman HUIZING further elaborated that: “new print ads ‘Your choice’ will appear on Tainan, Taipei and Kaohsiung City bus exterior, and on lighted ads at bus shelters in Taipei and Kaohsiung. ‘Lucky guy’ Internet ads will appear on major Internet portals and Youtube. ‘Your choice’ TV ads will be broadcast on major TV channels as well as movie theaters all over the country. As TBAF continues to advocate a responsible and healthy drinking culture, new promotional logos and signs will be included in all these ads. We will also continue to assist the government in implementing traffic safety policy.”


Law enforcement policewomen and driver from Tainan Bus Company who serve as advocacy ambassadors for “designated driver/rider” all agree that “if you drive/ride after drinking, you might end up losing much more than you could possibly imagine.” Therefore, they urge the people of Tainan to “use the Tainan buses as your designated drivers, and together let us promote the concept of ‘no drinking-driving/riding’.”

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The Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of responsible drinking and the prevention of inappropriate drinking behaviors. It was established in October 2000 by several European and American alcohol companies and media groups, with a primary focus on promoting a responsible and healthy drinking culture as its long-term goal. For more information, please check the TBAF website (www.tbaf.org.tw).

 “When drinking, no driving, and use designated drivers”— the designated driver could be male or female. The only criterion is that the designated driver should have a valid driver’s license and should not drink. To put it simply, at a social gathering, before everyone starts drinking, a designated driver must be selected. Entrusted with the responsibility of driving people home, the designated driver should not drink that evening.

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