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Major global alcohol beverage companies join hands to promote “no drink riding”

They will announce 2015 as campaign year for

targeting young motorcyclists.

New promotional logo and advertisements will be launched.

TBAF continues the advocacy of a responsible and healthy drinking culture and assists the government to implement traffic safety policies.

In light of the upcoming year-end and lunar new year peak drinking seasons, and considering the fact that motorcycle accidents account for nearly 60% of drink driving traffic accidents, the Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) has called for the collaborative efforts of alcohol beverage companies to engage in the 2015 “designated driver” campaign—a full year dedicated to the advocacy amongst young motorcyclists. New promotional logo and advertisements on the theme “Make a right choice, and get the right ending” will be launched. They are made with a creative black humor angle to convey messages to the young people on appropriate drinking behavior and the important concept of “when drinking, no driving/riding, and use designated driver/rider”. It is hoped that this campaign will effectively reduce traffic accidents caused by drink driving/riding.


Several TBAF board members, including chairman Mr. Peter Huizing何品濤 (General Manager, Heineken Brouwerijen B.V. Taiwan Branch), vice-chairman Mr. Sam Sheu許鴻鵬 (Senior Corporate Relations Manager, Diageo Taiwan Inc.), Mr. Rufus Parkinson羅福森 (Managing Director, Moët Hennessy Taiwan), and Mr. Howard Chang張浩偉 (Brand Controller, Edrington Taiwan) will attend this event on behalf of all the board members of TBAF. It signifies that major global alcohol beverage companies have gathered together to endorse and support this campaign, shouldering their social responsibility and promoting traffic safety.

At the press conference, TBAF chairman Mr. Huizing will talk about the 2015 “designated driver/rider” promotion plan and introduce the new logo and advertisements, highlighting that “Over the years, TBAF has paid great attention to the issue of drink driving. It is our objective to promote a responsible drinking culture. To echo the MOTC’s road safety promotion action plan, TBAF has decided to target young motorcyclists between the ages 18 to 30 in the Year 2015 ‘use designated driver/rider’ campaign. The new promotional logo contains a ‘thumbs up’ image, replacing the old-fashioned ‘responsible drinking’ slogan images. We want to show the young people that responsible drinking is a cool, good attitude and behavior.”


TBAF vice-chairman Mr. Sheu further elaborates that: “The new promotional logo will be used in all TBAF advertisements and public relations activities, including our annual campaign activities with governmental agencies and other institutions. Meanwhile, in order to shoulder our social responsibility, all TBAF member alcohol beverage companies will proactively organize “use designated driver” campaign activities. We hope to educate consumers in Taiwan on appropriate drinking behavior to realize our goal of advocacy for a healthy and responsible drinking culture.”


As to the new advertisements, TBAF board member Mr. Parkinson points out: “We have come up with advertisements that use the lifestyles of young people as basic concepts, with the same black humor style as previous ads. Our underlying message is “Make a right choice, and get the right ending” and we have designed ‘Your choice’ print ads, ‘Lucky guy’ internet TV ads, and “Your choice” TV ads. We hope to draw attention to the serious danger of drink driving/riding through these creative presentations.”


TBAF managing supervisor Mr. Chang further explains that: “Starting from end of December, new print ads ‘Your choice’ will appear on Taipei Metropolis, Tainan and Kaohsiung bus exterior and on lighted ads at bus shelters. ‘Lucky guy’ internet TV ads will appear on major internet portals and Youtube. ‘Your choice’ TV ads will be broadcast on major TV channels as well as movie theaters nation-wide. In addition, TBAF will continue to organize campaign activities in colleges and universities, as well as working with local governments to call for more youth participation in the ‘use designated driver’ campaign.”

Note: TBAF board members include: Anheuser-Busch InBev, Burn Stewart Distillers Ltd., Carlsberg Taiwan Trading Co. Ltd., Diageo Taiwan Inc., Edrington Taiwan Ltd., Heineken Brouwerijen B.V. Taiwan Branch, Jebsen Taiwan & Co., Ltd., Taiwan Kirin Co. Ltd., Moët Hennessy Taiwan, Pernod Ricard Taiwan, Remy Cointreau Taiwan PTE Ltd., Suntory Taiwan Ltd. and William Grant & Sons Ltd.

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The Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of responsible drinking and the prevention of inappropriate drinking behaviors. It was established in October 2000 by several European and American alcohol companies and media groups, with a primary focus on promoting a responsible and healthy drinking culture as its long-term goal. For more information, please check the TBAF website (www.tbaf.org.tw).


 “When drinking, no driving, and use designated drivers”— the designated driver could be male or female. The only criterion is that the designated driver should have a valid driver’s license and should not drink. To put it simply, at a social gathering, before everyone starts drinking, a designated driver must be selected. Entrusted with the responsibility of driving people home, the designated driver should not drink that evening.

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