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Sponsor Information

Membership Categories and Annual Dues
Membership of the TBAF shall be unlimited in number and shall be open to those who satisfy the qualifications for membership in any of the categories set out below. All Regular Members can review their status annually and can upgrade or move down among the tiers in accordance to the sales filed with the government tax office. Membership shall not become effective until approval of the application by Board of Directors and, where appropriate, payment of initiation fees and annual dues.

Regular Membership 
Membership categories are graded in four tiers with varying subscription fees. Membership is exclusively for beverage alcohol producer/ distributor/store/bar.

Associate Membership 
Any private sectors accepting the purposes of the TBAF.

Individual Membership

Honorary Membership

Rights, Obligations and Regulations 
Regular, Associate and Individual Members shall pay an initiation fee when joining the organization. Members who have lost membership status, including loss by virtue of non-payment of membership dues or other amounts owed to the TBAF for over 60 days, shall be deemed to have resigned their membership. No refund of membership dues shall be made in whole or part to any member so resigning.

  • Understand that alcohol brings responsible pleasure to millions of adults in Taiwan, and has done so for hundreds of years.
  • Recognize that alcohol plays a unique and positive role in many cultural activities, social events and celebrations, and that the appropriate consumption of alcohol can offer certain health benefits.
  • Also recognize that alcohol, if misused, can have a negative impact on individuals and society.
  • Recognize that abstinence from alcohol whether short or long term is not a negative trait but can be the correct choice for many people at various points in their lives.
  • Believe that industry, including the beverage alcohol industry, can play an important role in promoting the responsible use of alcohol and in helping to combat its misuse, working with the Government and other key stakeholders (e.g. industry bodies, and appropriate social groups).

Corporate Social Responsibility