Do not turn alcohol into a weapon. Together we can prevent that!

Thank you for joining the 2017 “I pledge! Not to drink & drive!” campaign and make your solemn pledge. Everyone is aware that drink driving is extremely dangerous. However, there could be times that one feels tempted to drive after consuming just a little bit extra alcohol…. Get a designated driver then! Don’t risk any chance of killing someone on the road!

This is why we have invited you to join this campaign and make a pledge, as a constant reminder to yourself not to drink & drive. Please invite your friends to join, too. The more people sign up, the safer our roads would become.

Lastly, whether you are a new driver, professional driver, or the girlfriend or boyfriend sitting next to the driver, just stay away from being a “killer on the road”.

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  • In accordance to Article 3 of the “Personal Information Protection Act”, you have the rights to inquire and request for a review, supplement or correct, and discontinue collection, processing or use of the personal information that you have provided.
  • You are free to decide whether you’d like to leave your personal information or not. If the information you provided is insufficient or mistaken, it is likely that you may not succeed in signing up for this campaign.

We have now collected 15169 pledges. Thank you very much for your kind support!