Who we are

Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum is a public interest organization working to accelerate path to responsible consumption and reducing harmful use of alcohol.

Our vision

We are here to create a healthier and safer Taiwan by empowering people with information and options about alcohol beverage consumption. We are working toward a public-private partnerships that achieves a meaningful public health benefit.

Our mission

Our primary focus areas includes, but not limit to alcohol beverage literacy, no-drink & drive and responsible consumption. We are dedicated to implement our campaigns, from awareness building to evidence-based intervention, to make positive impact on community, whilst working collaboratively with different government agencies and stakeholders.

Purpose statement

Our purpose is to accelerate the path to responsible consumption and reducing harmful use of alcohol beverage by advocating effective public policies through public-private partnerships, to make positive impact to community. To achieve this, we will encourage dialogue between government agencies, NGOs and private sectors.

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「不酒駕 我行」宣誓募集活動
「不酒駕 我行」宣誓募集活動