Punishment for Drunk Driving

New regulations from the Traffic Management and Penalty Act took effect on 1 July 2019. Driving a car or riding a motorcycle with breath alcohol concentration exceeding 0.15mg per liter, or blood alcohol concentration exceeding 0.03% is considered as drink driving offence.

  1. Increased fine. First-time offender: Car NT$30,000-NT$120,000, Motorcycle NT$15,000-NT$90,000; Repeat offender: Car NT$120,000, Motorcycle NT$90,000.
  2. Increase the suspension time of driver’s license.
  3. Passengers in vehicles operated by drivers with breath alcohol concentrate exceeding 0.25mg per liter, or blood alcohol concentrate exceeding 0.05%, are subject to a fine of NT$600 to NT$3,000. Those aged above 70, with disabilities, or in vehicles operated by commercial drivers are to be exempted.
  4. Ignition interlock device (to be implemented in March 2020)

    Persons whose driver’s licenses have been revoked due to the following reasons: repeat offence, refusal to take sobriety test, repeat offence on refusal to take sobriety test, drink driving which has caused death or severe injuries of others—are required to use ignition interlock devices when obtaining new driver’s licenses. The cost of which shall be undertaken by the offenders. Failure to comply will be subject to a fine of NT$6,000 to NT$12,000. Persons who perform a breathalyzer test for others will be subject to a fine of NT6,000 to NT$12,000.

    The specifications and functions of the ignition interlock devices, the types of vehicles in which such devices are to be installed, duration of the presence of such devices in designated vehicles, management and other obligations, shall be decided by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, together with the Ministry of Interior.

  5. Punitive damages
    Commercial drivers who commit drink driving offence and cause damage to others and are thus held responsible, depending on the degree of victimization, shall pay a compensation up to three times the amount of damages.
  6. Increase drink driving fine for slow-moving vehicles
    Anyone caught riding a slow-moving vehicle such as bicycle, electric bike or tricycle under the influence of alcohol will be subject to a fine of NT$600 to NT$1,200, an increase from the current level of NT$300 to NT$600. Those who refuse to take a breathalyzer test will be fined NT$2,400, doubling the amount from the past.

Criminal Code
Reoffenders in 5 years and thus causing death, are subject to life imprisonment or imprisonment of more than 5 years; reoffenders who cause serious injuries are subject to imprisonment of more than 3 years and less than 10 years.

For more detailed information, please check out the 168 Traffic Safety Portal: https://168.motc.gov.tw/theme/package/post/1906241853507

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